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Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide a professional performance for the patrons of your establishment. We take our job as a band and entertainers seriously and strive to provide an experience for the fans that is second to none.



Since 1999, DAY ONE has performed over 600 shows in the Mid-Atlantic Region, constantly providing audiences with an unforgettable live show!



DAY ONE, formed in 1999, has stood the test of time with its followers. While performing at many of Pittsburgh's most sought after venues, DAY ONE has consistently entertained their audience to keep them coming back for more. The chemistry between the members of the band, accurate covers of popular songs, and unique original sound helped to place DAY ONE on the music scene in western PA and keep them there for over twenty years

BZ solo.jpg
DayOne's Debut album    Dream for an insomniac
DayOne EP    A new beginning
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